• Bridging the Skills Gap with Contract Talent

    As markets rebound, employers are finding it challenging to fill roles. Several factors are contributing to the issue of finding just the right candidate for the job. However, if employers understand these causes and take a strategic approach to hire, the skills gap in an organisation can be bridged until a more stable,

  • Asking about mental health: what employers need to know when hiring

    A bump in a recent hiring process, which centered on the issue of disclosure of a prior mental health issue by a candidate, prompted me to delve a little more into the question of whether someone should disclose these personal issues during an interview. Or, in fact, whether an employer should ask about

  • Looking Beyond The Resume: How to Identify Top Talent

    A resume is not a person. It is a shortcut, a list of facts, a ‘book cover’ that all too often is used to judge the ‘book’ without any real understanding of the whole person—or their potential to become a top tier employee. At a time when there are candidate shortages—and in some niche areas

  • 5 Tools to Counteract Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

    We are all navigating uncharted waters. Although there is much uncertainty about the near future for re-starting businesses and organisations, you should feel encouraged that strong organisational foundations and best business practices will get us through the many challenges ahead. Even though a lot is on hold right now, we’d like to offer

  • Get the edge in your next Zoom interview

    Efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 have had wide ranging impacts on the labour market. The unemployment rate in Australia rose to 7.5% nationally in July 2020, a 2.2% rise compared to July 2019, which translates into an increase of 296,200 people. Candidates who are exploring a career change or new opportunities