Managing the Expectations Vs Reality of a New Hire

by | 6 Jul 2022

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Hiring a new addition to your team is an exciting prospect, however, we are continually seeing this process clouded by stress due to the dire skills shortage.

While many of us wish that hiring new people would fix all the problems in a business, it is just not possible (otherwise we’d all be doing it and never have to hire anyone again!) However, that shouldn’t mean that the recruitment process is stripped of any enjoyment; as a specialist recruiter, we are able to ensure that clients are matched with great talent whilst balancing the expectations and realities of a new hire.

Nail Negotiation

The continuously changing job market has seen the expectations of employees and prospective candidates shift enormously. Finding a happy medium between compromise and negotiation is often the difference between successfully acquiring top talent, or losing them – so be prepared to compromise, negotiate and be flexible.

From salary and benefits to culture and work modes, employers are required to exercise a little more give and take than they might have done previously to attract and retain top talent. For this reason, assessing your expectations of the position and the reality of what a new hire can and should bring to the role is critical.

Close the Gap

A global survey from Peakon revealed that there is “a huge expectation gap between what employees are feeling and what organisations believe they are providing”, noting that the organisations that close this gap will be more successful in hiring the best people.

Perhaps one of the most significant expectations of the modern worker is the need for shared values. People are shifting away from the ‘work family’ mentality and seeking a better work-life balance.

Moreover, shared values, career development, diversity and flexibility are becoming more and more critical to the modern worker when searching for their ideal role, so it’s essential to factor these in.

Honesty is the Best Policy

So what can you do as an employer to help balance your expectations with your prospective employee?

Well, when it comes to recruitment, honesty is the best policy. We often find that companies can really oversell in the recruitment process, which can result in:

  • Not being entirely honest about the culture – is it really as good as you say?
  • Suggesting that you have a totally flexible working model when you really don’t
  • Wanting people to bring about change but knowing that the business won’t support that change, instead ‘hoping’ that they will be able to work miracles
  • Neglecting to tell them about your recent or ongoing high turnover
  • Failing to advise them about changes to the make-up of their team before they start
  • Not being transparent about the management style of the leaders or the board
  • Misleading employees about benefits, salary and career progression

All of these can negatively impact an employee’s first impression, satisfaction and ultimate retention, neither of which is ideal for high-level financial services or wealth management businesses.

When a candidate’s expectations are met, they are far more likely to handle the challenges that are a part and parcel of the role. In fact, they will most likely have anticipated them. However, when someone starts with your business and they begin finding out details of your operation that should have been disclosed in the interview process, the sense of disappointment is very high. We have found that candidates are far more willing to accept and overcome obstacles if they know about them prior.

The best way to land the perfect candidate for a job is to be upfront and clear on what it is you’re looking for. Do not misrepresent yourself or your business; remember, the job interview is also a way for the candidate to interview the business and see if it fits them.

There may be several reasons hiring managers do this; given the current unprecedented shortages in staffing, it can be very tempting to ‘gild the lily’ because they sometimes think that they’ll scare the candidate off – and perhaps straight into the hands of their competitor.

Alternatively, the hiring manager (and this is often the case) genuinely believes that their culture is great, the opportunity is awesome and the challenges are minimal!

The truth is, by not being completely transparent, you’ll lose people and you’ll lose them fast. It will cost you from a financial, emotional, productivity and reputational perspective and you’ll need to begin the long arduous process again. You have to get real about what it is you can actually offer.

Hiring managers should genuinely welcome in-depth questions and analyses from prospective employees and answer with as much detail and frankness as they can.

Are you looking for guidance in the hiring process? Speak to the Godfrey Group for specialist recruitment services and ensure your business and new hire build a positive and lasting partnership. Call us on 02 8004 9350 today.

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