Should I Hire Older Workers? 4 Reasons Age Diversity is Crucial in the Workplace

by | 30 Apr 2024

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In the modern workplace, diversity is not just about culture or gender – it’s also about age. At Godfrey Group, we’ve observed a significant trend where forward-thinking companies gain a competitive edge by embracing age diversity. Defined as 45 years and over by the Australian Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, mature-aged workers represent a wealth of experience and stability, offering significant value to the workforce. Here’s why bringing older workers into your team can be a game-changer for your business.

Why Embrace Age Diversity?

Age diversity brings together varied life experiences and knowledge that enhance creativity and decision-making within teams. Older workers can offer a wealth of experience and a unique perspective that complements the dynamism of younger employees, creating a balanced workforce that’s well-equipped to tackle complex challenges.

Combating Ageism: Embracing the Value of Older Workers

Ageism in the workplace not only limits the opportunities for seasoned professionals but also reduces the overall diversity and vitality of teams, highlighting the importance of employment agencies for older workers. We firmly believe that addressing and dismantling ageist practices is essential for fostering inclusive environments that value contributions from all age groups.

The Benefits of Hiring Older Workers

Mature workers are not just a token of age diversity; they bring substantial benefits to businesses, as highlighted by recent data. According to the 2023 Employing and Retaining Older Workers Survey, the primary advantages of hiring older workers include their extensive experience, professional knowledge, contributions to age diversity, reliability, and more.

At Godfrey Group, we’ve seen the benefits of hiring mature workers firsthand:

1. A Spectrum of Perspectives
Intergenerational workforces combine the boldness of youth with the wisdom of experience. This mix fosters an environment ripe for innovation and problem-solving. In our experience, companies that cultivate such diverse teams find themselves better positioned to address market changes effectively and innovate more successfully.

2. Mature Aged Workers Offer Stability and Commitment
Older employees tend to value stability and are proven to be dedicated and loyal to their roles. They usually seek satisfaction in their contributions rather than rapid career progression, leading to lower turnover rates and higher organisational loyalty. Data from the Turnover and Retention Research Report shows employees aged 18 to 35 have the highest turnover rate at 37%, while those aged 50 and above show the lowest at just 6%. This stability can be invaluable in industries where continuity and in-depth industry knowledge are key.

3. Enhanced Operational Efficiency
The depth of skill and experience older workers bring can significantly boost a company’s efficiency. Their expertise often means they require less training and can make substantial contributions to service quality and workflow optimisation from day one. At Godfrey Group, we’ve matched seasoned professionals with businesses across Australia, witnessing first-hand how they elevate operational practices and mentor younger colleagues.

4. Economic and Social Benefits
Specific regions in Australia, such as Queensland, recognise the value older workers bring by offering financial incentives to employers. These incentives benefit the workers and support the broader economy by keeping a significant portion of the population engaged and productive. Wage subsidies for mature-aged workers are available through Workforce Australia – discover if your business is eligible for these incentives here.

Why You Should Promote Age Diversity in the Workplace

Some employers hesitate to hire older workers, clouded by hiring bias and worried about higher costs or a lack of technological savvy. However, overlooking the potential of mature professionals can be a missed opportunity. It’s crucial to recognise the benefits of hiring older workers – adaptability and tech skills are teachable, whereas the profound industry insight and professional integrity that older workers bring are much harder to find.

Avoid Age Bias in Hiring

By partnering with Godfrey Group, we help alleviate hiring bias by providing a thorough assessment of candidates, ensuring they meet the technological and adaptive requirements of your role. We also emphasise the importance of a diverse age range within teams to spur innovation and adaptability.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Team with Godfrey Group

Hiring older workers isn’t just a gesture of goodwill – it’s a strategic move. At Godfrey Group, we specialise in crafting multi-generational teams that drive success and innovation. Our recruitment expertise and strong commitment to age diversity position us as the ideal partner to meet your hiring needs.

Ready to leverage age diversity in your team? Contact us on 02 8004 9350 and discover the benefits of supporting employment for older workers for a stronger, more diverse business.

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