3 Reasons Why You Should Engage a Specialist Recruiter for Your Business

by | 21 Apr 2022

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With extensive talent shortages in the financial services sector and continued shifts in the job landscape, finding the right candidates can be difficult. In a bid to better compete for talent, astute business owners now rely more heavily on specialist recruiters to assist them in their search for employees.

In the finance industry especially, it is worth considering who you engage as a recruiter, as hiring for wealth management and financial services roles comes with a myriad of challenges. As a specialist recruiter, we have the expertise and tools to source great staff and solve talent shortages efficiently and effectively.

At Godfrey Group, our depth of knowledge, boutique offering and quick-to-market approach mean we are able to attract the top talent in your industry and deliver the desired outcome.


Depth of Knowledge

It goes without saying that expertise is critical to success. Time and time again we have witnessed businesses attempt to manage recruitment in-house or settle for a general recruiter, only to realise they don’t quite get the result they hoped for.

With our expertise in the financial services and wealth management sector, we understand the nuances of the industry which is vital when looking to hire skilled employees.

As a specialist recruitment consultancy, we have a thorough understanding of the roles, requirements and industry players which allows us to identify high calibre candidates for the position.

With well-established networks and profound sector experience, our clients can take advantage of our industry intelligence to get ahead in this competitive landscape.


Boutique Offering

Recruitment of specialist roles should be personalised and tailored to the specific needs of an organisation.

In such a tight market, we need to be dynamic, creative and adaptable in order to achieve the best result, which is why we take the time to build a strong relationship with clients and candidates to better understand their needs and goals.

Our boutique nature allows us to provide accessible, transparent and collaborative services on a much smaller scale, meaning you receive one-on-one consulting.



In this highly competitive market, a quick and effective approach should be non-negotiable.

As a specialist financial services and wealth management recruiter with extensive industry experience, we know where, when and how to find the right talent. This often results in us finding the perfect candidate before a general recruiter has even begun searching.

Our quick-to-market approach means we can secure top talent quickly, saving your business time, money and resources and keeping your operations running smoothly.

Whether it’s a junior to mid-entry position or a c-suite executive role that you are seeking to fill, we will make sure you secure the best person for the job.

Contact Godfrey Group today to see how a specialist recruiter can support your business in the search for top talent across the wealth management and financial services sectors. Call 02 8004 9350 or learn more here.

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