Why There is No Better Time Than Now to Begin Your Broking Career

by | 25 Aug 2023

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Whether you’re a business owner who has been waiting for the right time to expand your brokerage business, a seasoned broking professional looking to take your career to the next level or a career changer looking to get a start as a broker, there has never been a more opportune time than now to do so.

As the global economy faces challenges like inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, we’ve seen the demand for brokers in Australia skyrocket, as they are playing a pivotal role in assisting Australians to navigate these tumultuous times.

The Demand for Brokers in Australia
Australia’s financial landscape is experiencing a dynamic shift due to various economic factors. As a response, Australians are seeking expert guidance to secure their financial futures and relying more on brokers than ever. As the intermediaries between individuals and financial institutions, brokers are providing invaluable advice on loans, mortgages, investments, and insurance. And, with demand for these services having reached unprecedented levels, significant opportunities have emerged for those hoping to enter or advance in the broking field.

Navigating Turbulent Times
In times of economic uncertainty, individuals are often overwhelmed by the complex financial decisions they must make. With inflation eroding purchasing power and the cost of living on the rise, brokers are helping Aussies make informed choices that align with their goals and financial capacities while assisting them in finding solutions to manage debt, secure loans, and make astute investments. NAB’s executive for broker distribution, Adam Brown, adds to this, noting that “the better brokers can understand current market dynamics and what to expect from property markets in the coming months, the better equipped they will be to help customers”. Of course, the busy nature of brokerage businesses has resulted in the need for increased human resourcing, with new staff needed in order to keep up with demand and maintain growth. So, if you’ve wanted to make your way up in the broking world, there are endless opportunities at present.

Building Trust and Expertise
One of the reasons brokers are so effective in times of crisis is their dedication to building trust and expertise. As a broker, you’re not just a service provider – you become a financial confidant for your clients. Establishing this level of trust is vital, as clients rely on your knowledge and guidance to make critical decisions about their finances. RBA Governor Phillip Lowe echoes this, stating that “In the lending market, brokers have played a really good role in finding people the best deal”. By developing a deep understanding of financial markets, regulations, and economic trends, you position yourself as a valuable asset to your clients and the broader community. If you’re looking for a new challenge where you can provide a personalised experience while delivering tailored advice, then broking may be your calling!

The Power of Adaptability
The financial world is ever-evolving, and successful brokers recognise the importance of adaptability. As the economic landscape shifts, brokers must stay updated on the latest industry trends and regulations to offer the most relevant and effective advice. This adaptability not only ensures your career longevity but also positions you as a credible source of information and support during uncertain times. This growing need for adaptable and flexible brokers means that businesses are seeking skilled professionals but also those who present the right soft skills but don’t have broking experience. Don’t be scared off from applying for a position within a brokerage just because you aren’t an experienced broker or you’re worried about taking the next step in your career; we’re noticing that many businesses are now more committed than ever to providing adequate on-the-job training and upskilling opportunities as well as considering candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds in order to hire and retain the best talent.

Technology as an Enabler
In the digital age, technology has become an integral part of every industry, including broking. While some might worry that technology could replace the need for brokers, it is proving to do the opposite. Instead, technology is now bettering the service offering and capability of brokers. Embracing these technological advancements can set you apart as a forward-thinking broker/brokerage that can leverage the power of data and tools to provide exceptional value and stay ahead of the market.

Brokers are more crucial than ever. If you’re considering a career in broking or looking to advance your existing broking career, there is no better time to do so. The demand for brokers is soaring, offering a unique opportunity to contribute positively to the lives of Australians while building a rewarding and fulfilling career. By embracing the role of a trusted advisor, staying adaptable, and leveraging technological advancements, businesses and individuals can position themselves at the forefront of this quickly growing industry.
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