One of the greatest platforms of change within the wealth management industry is the rise of financial technology. Out-dated practices in Australia and abroad are rapidly being superseded by Fintech, which provides an innovative approach to financial services and all business transactions. Technological advancements in mobile banking, financial literacy, investment, mobile exchange trading, retail banking, financial planning and crypto-currencies, means that interactions between various entities can be carried out in remarkable ways. Better information systems and access to accurate data has improved the way organisations engage with the very financial systems that they depend on.

The demand for quality Fintech professionals is unprecedented and Godfrey Group makes it easier for businesses to attract the right talent for the job. Our consultants are not only experts in financial technology recruitment, but also conversant of its dynamic nature and the skills needed to keep abreast of the digital evolution. We have worked with clients spanning boutique businesses and start-ups for temporary or permanent recruitment across the following roles and more:

  • Phone-based Support
  • 1st Level Technical Support
  • 2nd Level Technical Support
  • Relationship Management
  • Sales and Service
  • Systems Training and Coaching
  • Business Analysts
  • Financial Planning Software Provider

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