• Why employee feedback is essential to the individual and the business

    By Olivia O’Neill, Director at the Godfrey Group – Effective and timely feedback is vital in the life of any employee and is important for both professional and personal development and growth. It’s also essential to any business as a pillar of the company’s culture and because your organisation is only as strong

  • The Importance of Inducting New Employees to Your Workplace

    By Olivia O’Neill, Director at the Godfrey Group – Employee induction programs are essential to any organisation, whatever you may think. When you’ve spent time and money on the recruitment process, you might be of the view that your new employee should already know everything about your business. You might feel that you’ve

  • Why interim managers can be an essential asset to any business

    By Olivia O’Neill, Director at the Godfrey Group – Interim management is on the rise globally and the use of interim managers in Australian institutions and boutique businesses is climbing fast. It’s a growing trend that can deliver a number of benefits to businesses and individuals alike, including greater flexibility, speed and value

  • Why you need to get creative when sourcing top talent

    By Olivia O’Neill, Director at the Godfrey Group — In order to stay competitive, small financial and accounting businesses need to get better at attracting and securing the best talent for their growth and capacity. Australians are not only changing the ways in which they search for jobs, but also their views on

  • Answer The ‘What Is Your Salary?’ Question With The Amount You Want

    By Melanie Pinola, OriginalAugust 15th, 2014 At some point before or during your job interview, you’ll probably be asked how much you’re currently making. The Personal Branding Blog offers some suggestions for deflecting this unnecessary question. Your current salary is none of the prospective employer’s business, Marc Miller writes, because: You are