• Asking about mental health: what employers need to know when hiring

    A bump in a recent hiring process, which centered on the issue of disclosure of a prior mental health issue by a candidate, prompted me to delve a little more into the question of whether someone should disclose these personal issues during an interview. Or, in fact, whether an employer should ask about

  • Looking Beyond The Resume: How to Identify Top Talent

    A resume is not a person. It is a shortcut, a list of facts, a ‘book cover’ that all too often is used to judge the ‘book’ without any real understanding of the whole person—or their potential to become a top tier employee. At a time when there are candidate shortages—and in some niche areas

  • 5 Tools to Counteract Unconscious Bias in Recruitment

    We are all navigating uncharted waters. Although there is much uncertainty about the near future for re-starting businesses and organisations, you should feel encouraged that strong organisational foundations and best business practices will get us through the many challenges ahead. Even though a lot is on hold right now, we’d like to offer

  • Get the edge in your next Zoom interview

    Efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 have had wide ranging impacts on the labour market. The unemployment rate in Australia rose to 7.5% nationally in July 2020, a 2.2% rise compared to July 2019, which translates into an increase of 296,200 people. Candidates who are exploring a career change or new opportunities

  • Why you need to review unconscious bias in your hiring practices

    Your mission: To find the very best candidate for the job. You understand the skills, education, expertise and experience required. In fact, you know exactly the type of person who would make a great fit for the position. Or do you? If what we know about unconscious bias tells us anything, you don’t. In recruiting,