• Why full disclosure about your business matters in the recruitment process

    An ethical, transparent approach to recruiting people for your organisation is important and expected. When a potential senior hire sits down at a job interview, it’s not unreasonable that they should expect to learn as much about your organisation as you learn about them. The question is how far should you go? Should

  • The importance of creating a personal brand

    By Olivia O’Neill, Director at the Godfrey Group – In today’s highly competitive job market, the age-old adage of who you know rather than what you know, still remains somewhat relevant. The professional and personal relationships we foster and the benefits they yield, through direct or indirect connections to a potential employer, play

  • The importance of supporting professional development in your workforce

    By Olivia O’Neill, Director at the Godfrey Group – If you want to maintain the most vibrant, engaged and enthusiastic workforce, refusing to acknowledge the power of professional development could be tantamount to burying your head in the sand. Short-sighted business leaders often see professional development as a waste of resources. After all,

  • Probation – how to get it right as an employer

    By Olivia O’Neill, Director at the Godfrey Group – As an employer, what you need to know about using probation When a new employee starts work for you, it’s important for both parties to gauge the new relationship and whether your “new start” is suitable for the role. This period of time –

  • Why employee feedback is essential to the individual and the business

    By Olivia O’Neill, Director at the Godfrey Group – Effective and timely feedback is vital in the life of any employee and is important for both professional and personal development and growth. It’s also essential to any business as a pillar of the company’s culture and because your organisation is only as strong